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this is kind of a cliche thing i guess in poker but for me i have to tell my self "its poker". just like the "batters slump" it happens, even to the best players. there is no way around it but experience helps to deal with these situations.

How to deal with what seems to be a never ending downswing? Hello all, I play poker probably 3-4 times a week, mostly live low stakes home games with blinds from .25/.50 up to 1/2. Micro Stakes Variance - Dealing With Downswings Online poker experience can go many miles in ways that most players would never think to consider. Sure, you are going to understand dynamics, plays, and other game play elements more thoroughly, but experience will also teach you some intangibles, like how to properly deal with variance. Working Through Downswings - PLO Thoughts

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News: Phil Galfond's advice on running bad - … Galfond on downswings. Despite launching an online poker room and recently starting a family, Phil Galfond has found the time to stream on Twitch, and like everything else he does he always leaves us wanting more. His advice on the inevitability of downswings struck a chord with a lot of players this week: Downswings: A "how to handle" Thread. -

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Why You Should NEVER Call Your Opponents Fish / Donks / Etc. Dealing with downswings and discouragement : poker

Best way to deal with downswings is to have a bigger bankroll. Also if you are playing live, your sample size is much smaller so if you don’t have a significant edge over the field than you will be experiencing a longer downswing in terms of time opposed to number of hands.

Dealing with Downswings !!! - PokerGuru Watch videos on poker to give you some confidence, every time I watch a poker video I feel more confident and am ready to grind. That about wraps it up but dealing with downswings is very personal and different things work for different people so these are just some ideas to get you going. Poker Downswings, How To Deal With A Downswing - Sit … Poker Downswings are a natural part of the game, so much so that the question is not whether you will experience a downswing – but when. However, with clear thinking and good poker bankroll management, it is easy to manage a poker downswing and maintain long-term profitability. How to deal with downswings? - Psychology in Poker and