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Does gambling affect your mortgage application? | finder ... Does gambling affect your mortgage application? ... When will gambling affect your home loan application? ... lenders would require you to submit bank statements from the past three to six months ... Gambling transactions on bank statement ... Gambling transactions on bank statement Mortgages & Endowments ... I'm a FTB who has recently made an application via Bank of Ireland. ... Just like those who eat only beans on toast for three months thinking they will have an easier mortgage application. What do lenders look for when assessing my bank statements? I’ve got gambling transactions on my recent bank statements – is it still possible to get a mortgage? As mentioned above, it is not illegal to gamble so just because you have the odd gambling transaction on your bank statements it doesn’t automatically mean you will be declined for a mortgage. Does gambling affect your mortgage application? | finder UK

Apr 2, 2019 ... Compulsive gamblers cannot control the urge to gamble. ... bookies, loan sharks, credit cards, overdrawn bank accounts, personal loans and ...

My wife and I are currently applying for a mortgage for our house. They are asking for 2 months of recent bank statements. In the last 2 months I have deposited $5,000 from gambling winnings, and ... Mortgage and betting…Need some advice - Matched Betting Blog Hi I’m hopefully going to be trying for a mortgage in the next few months and was just wondering if any of you had any experience with the whole process and how strict they are with gambling?i have 2 accounts my main current account which i get wages paid into and pay bills and another with a different bank that i use for my general everyday stuff and that includes betting. What do lenders look for when assessing my bank statements?

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Mortgage application - gambling transactions - Page 1 ... Mortgage application - gambling transactions ... to various bookmakers over that weekend will cause us a problems during the mortgage application. My partner knows about my past issues but does ... Applying for Mortgage... Gambling Charges?

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Here are the bank statement activities that brokers say act as a red flag to lenders, and at the worst, mean applications are rejected. 1) Gambling habits Bank statements detailing payments to bookies can instantly stop an application in its tracks, brokers warned – even when the borrower is an otherwise perfect candidate. What do mortgage lenders look for in your bank statements? The lender will use the bank statements to see the magnitude of your debt (such as personal loans, hire purchase, secured loans, credit cards, charge cards etc) and assess the payment conduct. It is common for applicants to understate their debt position on a mortgage application form only to be found out when the bank statements have been How to get your bank statements mortgage-approval ready