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Heroes & Generals Beginner’s Guide by Dondergod. Chapter 1, Campaign Map Screen Campaign Map Note: A tutorial on YouTube is also avaiable.. As you can see, I have divided this picture into 9 letters.

Heroes & Generals Beginner's Guide | GuideScroll Heroes & Generals Beginner’s Guide by Dondergod. Chapter 1, Campaign Map Screen Campaign Map slot 9: 3500 gold; slot 10: 3500 gold; C, spawning: ... Recon: This is a sniper team. For 30,000 credits you get 14 spawns for 2 snipers. Use it on defence in wide open maps where they can easily eliminate key targets moving up to the point, such ... Heroes and generals most efficient progression strategy Heroes and generals most efficient progression strategy. (fastest) strategy to progress in heroes and generals? heroes-and-generals. share | improve this question. asked Oct 18 '14 at 17:22. ... In some matches you will be able use all of then, so you can fill in any empty slot in your team doing the difference! Excerpt from the official ... War Heroes Game Best Generals (FULL LIST) Tips & Tricks War Heroes Game Best Generals War Heroes game Information, Strategies, Tips, and Tricks for all Generals in the game. Learn which is the best General for your. I think we should start sharing war hero game strategies, guides and tips, so I will start with the Quick Guide to the best war hero game generals …

Its been over 3 years since my last guide on heroes and generals. Here is a sniper guide on what you need to attach to the sniper to get some sweet 1 shot kills. For the base weapon use a few mods ...

SOVIET SNIPER! - Heroes and Generals (War Story) In Soviet Russia Sniper Rifle Kill Tank?! Heroes and Generals Available Here!: ... Heroes & Generals - Soldier Setups - Gameplay.tips // Guides ... Infantry Sniper The infantry sniper is the man who exsists to be a backup if you are not able to switch to your recon. He is basically like a recon but he does not get the 8x scopes or the fine cross scopes and he has more equipment points. Secondary Anti-Tank / Anti-Vehicle Heroes and generals most efficient progression strategy

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Dota 2 - Gameplay Update 7.20 General. Map Changes. Map has been reworked ... Town Portal Scrolls. Upon teleporting, +10 seconds are now added to your Town Portal Scroll cooldown ... Random can now only be used for the first two hero picks on your team ...... Sniper: Take Aim can now be activated to double your attack range for your next attack. White Feather Sniper: A DPS and CC focused full time ranged pure ... Dec 26, 2015 ... Sniper shot 1 (10 positive spell power, point blank shot +5 meters, +1 .... so most lootgen slots have several options for their prefix, suffix, and ... Snipers in History | Sniper Country Metcalf purportedly shot Confederate General Lainhardt at one mile's distance. ... way to turn him into a hero of the people, his record withstands their propaganda efforts. ... The sniping of a Vietnamese general under conditions that can only be described as impossible. ..... The turret is marked from 0 to 10 in either direction.

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Will those, remaining bikes and tanks from ATs where no soldiers, be given to defending and victorious enemy as a reward? Orangejello - Heroes & Generals Just got back and logged in at 10:45 central and saw that all that cost me 9500 credits. No, I don't have the log. Deploying Teams - Questions&Answers - Heroes & Generals I am on Rank 15 in my infantry player, i ve just purchased two Guard teams and deployed them in a war. i tried much but could not get any detailed info about this kind of war on youtube, and on wiki. swingline747 - Heroes & Generals